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Wayne Kresky was an elderly Imagineer and one of the first to be hired by Walt E. Disney. He was the mentor and creator of the The Kingdom Keepers. Wayne was an Imagineer and personally knew Walter Elias Disney. He was a great friend and mentor to the Keepers, especially to Finn.

Appearance Edit

Wayne was described as having white hair, ice blue eyes with a twinkle in them, and a kind, ancient-looking face.


Disney After Dark Edit

Wayne oversees the development of DHI software to allow the five teens to cross over into their hologram form. He reveals to them the ongoing battle in the park and their role in it. He explains to them the fable of the Stonecutter's Quill and its importance.

Disney at Dawn Edit

When Wayne suspects that the Overtakers are hunting him, he goes into hiding. Despite the risks, he helps the Keepers and Amanda Lockhart find her sister, Jessica Lockhart, through Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK). Trolls engage Wayne and Dell Philby's avatars in a sword battle. During the battle, Wayne's avatar goes missing and he is captured by the Overtakers.

The Insider Edit

Against the Overtakers, and in the hands of Jess, can control the future. At the same time, Wayne, The Kingdom Keepers and the Fairlies are confronted by the OTs. Willa is taken by Judge Doom, who holds a knife to her throat. Upon Wayne's insistence, Jess draws Willa being saved, and Doom drops the knife. Wayne tells the Keepers, "It's about time.", before Doom grabs the knife and murders him.

The Return series Edit

In the Return series, the keepers meet Wayne as his younger self, and he helps the keepers find the stonecutter quill. He acts as a chauffeur, helping the keepers around California. In Disney at Last, Wayne is telaported for the past into the future.


He is described as being wise and eccentric, with a twinkle in his eye, though he sometimes aggravates the Keepers when he gives them cryptic answers to their questions. He is usually calm, cool, and collected. He has a passionate love for Disney and his daughter, Wanda.

Trivia Edit

  • Wayne's involvement with the Keepers is a bootstrap paradox, as they time traveled back to the 1950s and helped him become a personal ally to Walt Disney against the insanity of the Legacy.
  • The reason what appeared psychic was because the Keepers gave him all the information leading up to his death.
  • Wayne is the second one to die that we care about though he would be third to die because Finn kills Malificent