Tia Dalma


,( or famously known as Calypaso, is a character from Pirates of the Caribbean, after it failed as a series). She is a member of the Overtakers, despite being a neutral character, even if that's a lie. Her nickname is the Voodoo Queen, because she stabs dolls with pins. She is way more powerful than the Evil Queen, and close to being as powerful as Maleficent.

Appearing in the fifth book Shell Game, Tia Dalma is discovered by the Keepers on the island that the Disney Dream would dock at. She had been asked to board the ship by request of the Overtakers, but refused, demanding that they come to her. Jafar was sent as liaison, managing to get her to agree to boarding. She also explained that Maleficent would never break a promise, and for Jafar, that would be being given Genie's lamp. She is placed in the power supply room to act as the Overtakers' watch dog for their rouge DHI server; she does this a bit reluctantly, because she despises technology. Finn and Willa (as DHIs) eventually find her, and a battle ensues, which ends up with Willa trying to tie Tia Dalma up while Finn accidentally electrocutes himself, causing a power outage. Tia Dalma takes Willa hostage, but Finn, having a slight personality change, becomes ruthless; he picks her up by the throat,  demanding she change his mother back to normal or he will snap her neck. Tia Dalma was forced to comply.

Using her dark magic, Tia Dalma tricks Finn into killing his best friend Dillard Cole; Chernabog licks up the blood and revives more powerful than ever. However, Finn traps it and the Evil Queen in a labrynith below ground. Maleficent is also killed in his fit of rage. Tia Dalma is taken hostage and imprisoned for three years. However, she later escapes and frees her two lost comrades, while aquriing Maleficent's bones. They return to Disney Land for the Final Batlle. Tia Dalma causes as earthquake with the hopes of igniting natural gas to destroy the park. However, Mickey is revived and heals the park, while Chernabog is destroyed by lightning.

In the sequel series, she works to revive Maleficent. However, she fails in her initial attempt. Eventually, Tia Dalma succeeds in reviving Maleficent with stronger powers. However, the evil fairy is highly deformed.

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