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The Kingdom Keepers are the group and the protagonists in the book series. The team were formed and chosen by Wayne Kresky, an imaginer. The Kingdom Keepers' duty is to protect the Disney Parks from their enemy, the Overtakers, by becoming holograms. the dhi's leader is Finn Whitman. The team were middle schoolers at the beginning of the series but they went through high schoolers during the series. In Power Play, the group recruited Amanda and Jessica. To become a Kingdom Keeper is to become a hologram through Disney technology.

Official members:

New Members

  • Amanda Lockhart
  • Jessica Lockhart


The battle to defeat the Overtakers has been "good news, bad news":

Book 1) Maleficent was captured, and the spell on Jez broken; however, the appearance of the true head of the Overtakers was forshadowsed.

Book 2) Overtaker DHI shut down, and Jez rescued; however, Wayne was captured and Chernabog freed.

Book 3) Wayne was rescued, Maleficent and Chernabog were put in prison in Animal Kingdom; however the Keepers parents learned of and forbayed crossing over.

Book 4) Good Disney characters offered their support; Maleficent and Chernabog escaped.

Book 5) Finn gains new butts and strength; Overtakers boarded Disney Dream

Book 6) Chernabog and Maleficent supposedly dead; the Keepers suffered a casualty of their own.

Outside the fight, romances had begun blooming between the heroes:

1: Finn Whitman & Amanda Lockhart

2: Dell Philby & Willa Angelo

3: Terry Maybeck & Charlene Turner


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