Kingdom keepers fairlies the syndrome by princessofdisney27-d8etg0y

Left to Right: Jess, Amanda, and Mattie.

Madeline "Mattie" Weaver is a new Fairlie from Kingdom Keepers V: Shell Game.. She is known to have olive skin and natural black hair with her tips dyed red after her hair growing out. She hints her powers in Shell Game when she hugs Finn and “reads his thoughts.” In Dark Passage, she arrives, as a stowaway, as a cry of help from Amanda and Jess. She shared the same cell with Amanda and Jess when they lived back in Baltimore, Maryland. Her power is to be empathetic; meaning that when she physically touches someone, she is able to see that person’s past or thoughts. The longer the physical connection, the more information she can retrieve.

It is known that in Dark Passage, she thinks back at how her parents would think their daughter as strange and that they eventually packed up and snuck out, leaving her to fend for herself. After that, she was sent off to Baltimore with all the other Fairlies. Because of her powers, she had to wear gloves, masks, and other forms of consealment, so that no one can physically touch her.

Mattie is known to have a godmother and a grandmother. She can use her Fairlie power on anything living and breathing.

As people get to know her, Mattie becomes more and more sarcastic. Amanda and Jess consider her trustworthy too.

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