Judge Claude Frollo is an Overtaker introduced in the fourth Kingdom Keepers book, Power Play. Although obsessed with his own version of law and order, Frollo is dedicated to the Overtakers' cause. He resides in Epcot, which also serves as home to Shan Yu and his Huns. Presumably, he also rules the French-speaking jesters in the France attraction.

When Willa is foricibly crossed-over in her sleep by the Overtakers, Frollo confronts her, most likely on orders from the Evil Queen, with the Toy Story Green Army Men serving as his soldiers. He demands to know what "Jezebel" (or Jess) drew, only to get in a debate with Willa over correcting his terms and trying to understand that memory isn't always perfect. Willa dives into a pool to escape him and the Green Army Men, who he orders to shoot her.

The Queen would later say Frollo is actualy much more patient than her.


  • Frollo's discription in Power Play, doesn't match how he looks in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

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