In Power Play, they are Overtakers, serving Claude Frollo.


The green army men are similar to real army men in some ways such as being disciplined, loyal, obedient, always finishing the mission. Even though they were good characters in Toy Story, they are evil and have become allied with the over takers. Unlike some of the other overtakers they don't really do it as much out of evil but rather they follow orders and seek a commander to lead them. This has caused them to join with Frollo, the governor from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. They naturally fell into his command.


The army men like real army men a tough and highly-trained. They are strong, but not really super-human; just very strong by human standards the are easily disciplined and work well as a team. Under a ruthless commander like Frollo, they are a force to be feared.


In Power Play, they are aligned with the overtakers, serving Claude Frollo. They assist Frollo in attempting to drown Willa. They also chase her through Epcot. In Shell Game, they are seen boarding the Disney Dream along with some other villains.

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