Dillard Cole


Dillard Cole


14 at beginning of series

Hair Color:






Dillard Cole is Finn Whitman's best friend other than the Kingdom Keepers. He goes to Finn's high school. After Finn joined the Keepers, Finn began to hang out with them more than Dillard, but in Disney in Shadow, he helped out the Kingdom Keepers by doing some things in the parks. That is how they started to become friends again. In Shell Game, Finn sleeps over at Dill's house when his mom becomes an OTA (Overtaker Adult) and on the ship Dill saves Finn from Jack Sparrow, but seemingly disappears. In Dark Passage, Dillard appears again and he disguises himself as Finn. Doing this, the Overtakers kiddnapped him and took him away. Finally, the Keepers find him on a sacrifice table and Tia Dalma is about to kill him to rise Chernabog. While fighting Tia Dalma, Finn stabs her with a knife but then sees something in her eyes: betrayal. With Finn confused, bats swirl around Dalma. When they're gone, Dillard stands there with the knife in his chest and Tia Dalma is laying on the table. Finn pulls the knife out and catches Dillard from falling to the ground. Finn carries him to a cave where Dillard dies moments later.

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