We are keepers by nemo 7-d6jdr60

The keepers as drawn by the amazingly talented Nemo7 on deviantart

The Kingdom Keepers

The Kingdom Keepers(From left to right)Charlene, Philby, Finn, Amanda, Willa, Maybeck, and Jess.

DHIs (short for both Daylight Hologram Image and Disney Host Interactive) give tours around the Disney Parks and now Cruise Ships. But they aren't just Tour Guides. When the kids fall asleep they "cross over" and become their holograms at the parks. The DHIs include Finn, Charlene, Maybeck, Philby, Willa, and starting in Disney in Shadow (book 3), Amanda and Jess. Also, the Overtakers have their own server so they can cross over like the Kingdom Keepers. Storey Ming was also mentioned to be a DHI in Shell Game. and Mattie Weaver was made into one for her protection in The Syndrome.


In their hologram state, they are half substance and half light. When the Keepers focus, they are able to become pure light and pass through objects. This process is called going "all clear". Finn has been able to master this ability more than the other Keepers. During this focused state, they are able to hover, but as soon as fear enters their minds, they will fall. While in a bodily state, Finn has even been able to focus enough to go all in to avoid Greg Luowski's punch. After exerting themselves in the form of light, The Keepers exhaust themselves and become tired and sluggish. Also, introduced in Shell Game was version 2.0 which all-clear isn't determined on fear and much easier to go into. It was also easier for them to blend in and look more realistic because the blue line around them was gone so they didn't glow. But in The Insider, they had to return to version 1.6.