The Kingdom Keepers Edit

Finn, Maybeck, Charlene, Philby, and Willa are the five original Kingdom Keepers. Later on in the series, Jess and Amanda are both made honorary Kingdom Keepers. In the fifth book, more recruits are hired. They are Cast Members that work at the Disney parks, They keep an eye on the parks during the day and help with the missions at night
  • Finn
  • Maybeck
  • Charlene
  • Philby
  • Willa

Overtaker SpellEdit

These are people put under a spell to work for the Overtakers against the Kingdom Keepers. Their purpose is to purely distract the Kingdom Keepers. They wear green contacts to identify the other. Also known as OTKs (for the kids) and OTAs (for the adults).

Sleeping Beauty SyndromeEdit

After a cross-over into their DHI's, the Kingdom Keepers become vulnerable to this. If their bodies are somehow

Sleeping Beauty, who the syndrome was named after from the movie "Sleeping Beauty".

stuck in a state where they are prevented from waking up, the Kingdom Keepers would have to remain in their DHI's. The first to fall into the syndrome was Maybeck. This state also occurs if the kids DHI is not returned.

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